It's a special YES! LIMITED TIME!

1: It's only for first time clients
2: Yes you really get 2 LBS FREE of Charge.

3: On economy or low budget shipping.

4: Handling and import duties are seperate. 

*if you ship more than 2 lbs, you get 2 lbs for free and charged for the difference

How do you save money with Ship2Aruba

Ship2aruba saves You money because we repack your items in 1 BOX.

Because of that you pay less for each LBS, as the more LBS you ship the less each LBS costs. In addtion you also pay for handling ONLY ONCE!

Most Forwading companies ship each box that arrive seperately, that way it costs you a lot more, and the company makes a lot more too. But we aviod this.

an example with boxes weighing 0.7 Lbs

So a year you can easily save AWG 1.372

That's like 2 Ticket to Miami Florida!

*It's important to understand dimensional weight*

The above pictured box, you can clearly see that it doesn't weigh 1 lbs., but probably a lot less. But because of the size of the box, shipping companies use dimensional weight which would mean that the shipping weight is 4 LBS, just because the box is big.
With ocean cargo that's even worse

Because at Ship2aruba we repack the item, meaning we take it out of the big box, you pay only 0.10 LBS, so the actual weight of the product. Please do take into account that we do round up the shipping weight. So if something weighs 2.5 LBS we charge 3 LBS. But you can easily consolidate 10 packages of 0.10 Lbs and pay for 1 LBS of shipping :)

Ship2aruba we take that product out of the big box and put with your other items and make 1 Box. Boom just like that we save you a bunch of MONEY!

If you are going to ship only 1 package of 1 LBS, than it's probably better to use another company as you won't see a lot of savings, it will probably be a bit less than most companies. But our goal is to save you atleast 30% on shipping and ideally between 50% and 80%. The truth is when shipping any package of 1 LBS only you won't see savings. And it's a bit expensive at any company. But we prefer not to disappoint you.

We shine when you consolidate and repack! So if you have atleast 2 or more packages to repack and consolidate. Than we are the place to be!

Frequently asked questions

What do you do? 
We ship your items from our warehouse in USA to Aruba for you for as cheap as possible by repacking and consolidating your items. So you get an address from us that you can use for all your online shopping, you ship it to our address in USA and we get it to you in Aruba.

How fast does my package arrive? 
PRIORITY Shipping arrives in 6-7 Business days ready for pickup at our office AFTER you ship it from the warehouse in Florida. Economy Shipping ta jega den 9-10 Business days
 Low budget ta 11 pa 13 business days.
If you have supplements it may take an additional 5 business days. The same goes for wireless items.
These days are estimates and it may vary from time to time.

Air cargo or ocean? 
This address is for Air cargo ONLY*

How much does it cost?
Our handling fee is 6.95 AWG forflow budget, 12.95 AWG for economy and 14.95 AWG for Priority.

AWG 0.95 for each tracking, this is for invoice handling. A Free account pays 2.95 AWG for each package it consolidates. Insuracne is 2.5% of the value of the items  and 0.5% for insurance in Sarasota. Priority has similar pricing as Economy but repacking and consolidation costs AWG 3.45.

Is there a membership fee?
NO, there is no membership fee for our basic account, we do have an premium and ultimate account that have a membership fee, which gives you free consolidation for a 5 and 10 packages.

What is the weight limited to ship with air cargo? 
Air cargo can ship up to 80 LBS, BUT we strongly advice that when you have 1 single item that weighs more than 25 LBS to ship it with an ocean forwarder. So for example Sofa, TVs, tables, heavy car parts etc is better to be shipped with Ocean cargo, this CANNOT be shipped with aircargo. Ocean cargo has a different address. It's important to note that if you have several boxes and deliveries we consolidated those, and if the wieght is more than 25 LBS that's totally fine, and probably the best way to ship. We have clients consolidating over 75 LBS. That's for when you have 10 T-Shrist, 4 Jeans, 2 shoes, 1 laptop, 6 books etc etc, and all of them go into 1 box.

Can I request to ship my items with ocean cargo?
Tha'ts not possible, as aircargo and ocean cargo have different addresses.

Are there items that are not permitted to ship? 
Yes that's correct there are some items that can only be shipped with ocean cargo. For example soft guns/airsoft items/chemical ites/ seeds of plants outside the USA/ chemicals/plants.

Can I start shipping as soon as I receive the address? 
YES! As soon as you signup you will have the address and in less than 20 Seconds in your email. And yes go ahead start shopping

Where are you located in Aruba? 
Video con pa jega nos office :) Click on the video to see how to get to our offices.  

I like it that their service towards clients is their ultimate Goal !

H. Reeberg

Its just the best on the island.. Hands Downs!!!!!

K. Hodge

Original:Muy buenos precios y buena atención al cliente y excelente calidad de servicio
Translated: Very good prices, and attention to the client, excellent quality of service.

N. Bernal

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